Building Browser Extensions: Create Modern Extensions for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge

Published — Edited

Before purchasing this book, you should have a good grasp of JavaScript as well as knowledge of HTML and CSS. I would not recommend this book otherwise, because it would take significantly more time to learn from and you may not retain or learn as much as you could.

From what little I knew of browser extension development beforehand, I feel confident in saying that this book will jump-start your development efforts and position you for success. Though the book is partially a guide for learning extension development, it quickly devolves into more of a reference manual which may eventually be discarded in favour of web searches or MDN documentation.

My main gripes with this book are as follows:

Overall, I would recommend this book to someone who is just starting to learn browser extension development, but I would caution them with the above points and further recommend that they have a project to work on while they read through the book.