Practical SQL, 2nd Edition


Whether you are a professional looking to learn or refresh your knowledge of PostgreSQL, or a student who is learning about databases for the first time, this book may be a good resource for you.

The book covers almost everything, regarding databases and SQL, that I had learned during my University degree. From SELECT, JOIN, and COPY to working with GIS data, performing maintenance, and DB backup/restoration. Additionally, it is rife with explanations, examples, and the occasional pointer to external resources. You could likely read through it all without ever touching Google.

Though I have a lot of praise for this book, I did find it a bit tedious to read through from start to finish. I think it would be better used as a reference manual, after a quick glance at the first few pages of each chapter. However, for students or those just learning aboout databases and PostgreSQL, I would recommend reading it in its entirety. There is a lot to learn and the author does a good job at explaining things.